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For most of the option you can see in the market. Including this website. Most of them uses the compressor based dehumidifier to leverage the cleaning of refrigerant to cool off the metal coils. Usually the hot him is air will allow you to enters the dehumidifier and to condenses all these cool coils. Leaving you the air and you can exhausts them out of the dehumidifier while it is still warm.
The Desiccant dehumidifier work completely different, apart from using the original condemnation method it uses the removal of humidity via air. The desiccant dehumidifier will let you to use a chemical to filter it off.

Different type of desiccant dehumidifier

There are plenty of different version of dehumidifier in the market. We have summarized the four most common type of desiccant dehumidifier for your consideration.

How to decide a desiccant or a mechanical model

The desiccant dehumidifier is generally much less expensive that’s the mechanical model. In some situation where you are having a low humidity level. The desiccant model will just fit and help you with no problem at all.

How to handle the water level at the whole house

For handling of dehumidifier level for the whole home that s over 1500 square feet or even more. We recommend using the dehumidifier that is design for the commercial usage in here. While the dehumidifier can be installed in all the area using your home duct tube layer. It can be purchased with an extremely expensive of cost. Therefore, the option for buying two different dehumidifier and turning it on at the same time can be a solution for you. We have done a testing for the ability that dehumidifier to work with a commercial use of dehumidifier comparing with two dehumidifiers for basement in here. Turns out that the two dehumidifier can be working even better for some of the situation.

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