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Keystone KSTAD70B Review

Keystone KSTAD70B Review

The Keystone is definitely the best value option for the 70 Pint class. Come with an extremely high customer feedback and review in amazon. The Keystone dehumidifier is also ranked the most energy efficient in it’s size class.

However, during our review, it figure that it has a rather low quality of LED display. What it means is that you will require more focus and pay attention to tits label display. The problem with the low quality LED display is that you will not be able to read it from the side angle. This dehumidifier water level drainage requires you to separate the adapter before it can be installed.


This is in our top list of recommended dehumidifier because it allow you to install the dehumidifier with the drainage easily. Meaning a lot of time is saved and the screws set will gives you a handful of instructional manual. If you are planing to buy it for your friend or your mom. Then this dehumidifier will save you a lot of trouble and do not require you to spend a lot of time to install the whole thing.


Something bad about Keystone

In a holistic review, we do also want to mention the critical failure regarding the ability for water drainage compare to other option. Haven said that, we still recommend this dehumidifier into the top option in our list because it has the option for you to control the energy efficiency. In all, this dehumidifier is focused on the cost usage of the long term cost rather than the overall functionalities.

While it has maintain the basic option and capabilities for what a dehumidifier should able to do. It gives you a lot of cost saved in terms of electricity and energy efficiency.

The water tank for Keystone

The Keystone water tank do not have the brace function. Meaning that it will looks relatively thinner compare to the other option. That can be a very interesting advantage because some of the houses or area cannot fit in the large scale and size of dehumidifier. And the option for you to choose among the less fat version will give you the comparative advantage to fit into all home size area.

During our review, and also mentioned in the amazon users feedback. This dehumidifier is often being used in the washroom for drying up the wet floor after bath. As you can see, there is a plenty of usage for a thinner size.


Weight of Keystone dehumidifier

If you are in need to move the dehumidifier always from time to time. Thjen the ewight of this dehumdifier will definitely be the best option for you. Given with the lowest in weight option for the 70 Pint options and the ability for you to transport it much easier. Since it is made of mostly plastic, By the time now you should aware that the weight and also the cost is low because of the material it used. Well, we would say the world is fair, and this dehumidifier with the option for the lower cost and it comes with the issue of the materials used is not very durable. But if you think carefully, plastic is in fact probably the best materials being used both within and outside of the product packaging as it gives you more time for the product to last.


The dehumidifier adjustable panel

This Keystone dehumidifier adjustable panel is relatively much easier to control compare to other available option. The LED display has the two digits for the timer to be displayed. And if you past the time for more than 10 hours, then you would require to set the timer again. Therefore if you are planning to use this dehumidifier for more than 10 hours for time timing to set. Then this might be a problem for you.

One of the best unique feature of being the KSTAD70B is that you can set the product to start in a delayed time. What it means is that if you are planning to go to home at a certain period of time. You can set it to turn on itself on before 1 hour you came home. And by the time you have backed home, a dry and comfortable environment is ready for you.


Option for fan speed and the dehumidifying ability

The Keystone has only two fan speed. You might say it is an easy option. But oyu might also say that this will require you to spend a lot of time on the controlling of the fan speed. The fan speeds do not let you mark it in a high or low timer. It has the turbo indicator for light and it can be illuminated on the unit. We notice that if you are a rush person and want the dehumidifier to became effective. Then this only two options for fan speed might not suit you. Because the fan speed on high level is infarct not very fast and it can take up to hours before it can truly function and to dry up all the environment. However for a normal user, this dehumidifier is definitely able to clear all the moisture you are facing.

The water level drainage power

The Keystone water level drainage power is among the mediocre level. This Keystone will enable you to attach the pipe to the adapter before you can truly enjoy the high level of gravity drainage. The problem is that the drainage option pipe can be easily loosen and it can be removed too easily. Good new is that you can move it from places to places. But if you are planning to stuck the dehumidifier in one place. Then this thing will drop a few of water on the floor. As a result, we recommend to ruse all the set of the screws to ensure the dehumidifier to be installed properly.


The strong defrost ability

The Keystone is the type of dehumidifier that come with the defrost ability. The defrost ability will let you clear all the frosting ice problem and melt all the frozen problem in your room of living.

Keystone KSTAD70B Defrost Ability

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