Problem with high humidity level

​Problem with high humidity level

While you might focus on the air pollution level very carefully. The API – Air pollution indexes. But one of the most common thing people tends to forget is that. The high humidity level is a also a critical problem.
The effect of high humidity is of course personal discomfort. A too high level of hot and humid environment will make your bodies less efficient at releasing the heat. Causes we not able to sweat.
In Chinese perspective. The ability to not able to sweat will make it difficult for you to release the toxic level out of your body.

Problem to your long term health

The high level of humidity will make your body to absorb and counter more micro organisms. This will make you more problematic and energy required to thrive the humid conditions. Make you not easy to handle the allergies and asthmatic conditions.

Mold and bugs will occur

The level of humidity will make your environment stack up the humidity which is the ideal environment for the bugs and bacteria to build up. These kind of dust will pile up and make you feel sick easily. There is a plenty of research showing that if the humidity level drops below around 40$. 90% of the bacteria will dies of easily.

Dangerous environment for your electricity

Let’s guess. When is the most easiest and frequent time when there is fire? You might think it should be summer. The fact is, fire happens often the most for city and metropolitan cities is spring. Because the air is too humid and easiest for the electronics appliances to caught into fire easily.
Reportedly, there is more electronic devices caught into fire especially due to condensation.
With the build up of mold and also the bacteria. It will make you easily erode the cable contacts inside and thus lower the insulation resistance. As a result, this will causes an easy problem with short circuits.
Therefore you should always look for the high humidity area and to reduce the chances for drastic and temperature changes that might occur when there is some electronic appliances.
The good new is that humidity can in fact be controlled. Uses of the dehumidifier machine can allow you to clean up most of the air moisture in the environment and save you all the harm. In a long run, it will definitely worth it.

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