Selecting the best dehumidifier. Once and for all.

The purpose of this guide

The purpose of making this guide is to let all the users to understand what sort of commercial dehumidifier is the best option. While not all the user are the handling officer for the commercial building. But the understanding of the dehumidifier will also let you to know what you need to choose among all the consumer options.
Dehumidifier are made in all different function and features. While you might only be onlooking for a consumer dehumidifier. But the option for commercial use will also allow you to pick the one that fits your household need weigh a cheap cost but enjoy a higher level of features.

Selecting the best dehumidifier can be difficult. Since the invention of dehumidifier there is plenty of version in the market. While the dehumidifier underlying concept is very simple. There is many function and features that you should know before buying. This will helps you a lot to save money and find the best niche. You may also refer to this ultimate buyer guide on dehumidifier from, they provide a fresh update from time to time.

Top Recommended List

To save your finger some scrolling movement, we have put the top recommended list here:

Model and BrandEnergy Efficiency
(Higher the better)
Rating (Max. 100)Latest Price In Amazon
Frigidaire 6898
Ivation 6676
EdgeStar 5090
Whynter 7476
Pictek 3595
PureGuardian 8485
Eurgeen 3872
AlorAir 9686
Thermastor 6489
Drieaz 8776

Different type of dehumidifiers

There is mainly two different type of dehumidifier. Mainly segregated to desiccant and refrigeration types. They work in two completely different way of concept and will changes your experience in using dehumidifiers.
While most of the option you can find available in amazon can up to 70% off are mainly on the refrigeration type dehumidifier. However, if you would just need a normal sized room or living room absorb the moisture. Then you do not require the refrigeration method to absorb the moisture for you.

What is the mechanism behind the dehumidifier

Before you know what dehumidifier to buy. You should review and understand the concept behind how do a dehumidifier work. So that you can decide which one will fit you the most and save you more money.

The use of humidity and condensation

If you put a can of coke on the desk. It will condense all its moisture on the surface of it. This is exactly how when in summer time the moisture will condense to the can of coke.
In a dehumidifier parts you can uses the dehumidifier which consist of various parts. E.g. A compressor, cooling coils and also the water tank. While the air is sucked to the dehumidifier, it will passes the coils and then the water moisture will contact with the coils and cooling down the air. The water will then drops to the coils and drips down to the tank mentioned below.
The air will then be reheated and send back into the room. This is the reason why most of the time the dehumidifier has to be reheated before it can be used again. And this is, ironically, the most hatred moment because it will bring you a lot of noisy sound.

How to reduce the excess water

There is mostly two method, one is using the humid-stat which leverages two major parts. A sensing element and also the relay amplifier. Simply put, this sensing element consist of two metal conductors. This causes a drive or drop in the humidity and create a nice electrical resistant between the two elements.

Another way, is to uses the desiccant dehumidifiers to uses it differently and it will has the ability to capture the moisture and do not have a compressor.

What you need to know to trim down the selection

There are just too many options in the market. While Amazon provide around a number of 1300 options in the market. Selecting the best one isn’t easy. To begin with you should understand the size of your home and what exactly you are looking for. To save your time, you might look for the small home dehumidifier or large home dehumidifier guide.

Now after understanding what exactly the size of home or just your living room area is the dehumidifier is required. You will need to consider the moisture level. Different country have different moisture level and the required amount of power form dehumidifier is way different.

The myth of different pint size

Very often people will imagine that if they have a larger home. Or an environment that is more humid, then the use of a 70 pints dehumidifier is more important. But in reality, the dehumidifier pint volume determined by not only the water tank size on the pint number. During our test, the 70 pint has a better capabilities in removing water moisture much faster than the other option, e.g. 30 and 50 pint.

The different pint level reveals not only the difference in the water tank level but also the speed of sucking air. The logic is very simple, if you have a bigger stomach, you eat faster. While this laymen term in explaining is not convincing enough. The fact that the 70 pint gives you the more moisture and air sucking power relies on the larger is size and space. With the 70 pint water tank volume, the condenser is larger. Which means that you will have a better surface level and area for the air to pass through. Which in terms, give a better chance for the water moisture to be condensed via the rod inside the dehumidifier. This gives the reason why the dehumidifier will provide a much better water condensation rate than the other options.

The capacity required for different room size environment

Buying the best dehumidifier and knowing which capacity for your home size is not easy. We have made a sizing chart for your easy reference:

 300 Sq. ft.500 Sq. ft.700 Sq. ft.1000 Sq. ft.1500+ Sq. ft.
Slightly Damp Area
Feels damp with around 50 to 60% humidity.
30 pint40-45 pint50 pint60 pint70 pint
Moderate Level Damp
Often feels a damp environment with 60 to 70% damp.
30 pint40-45 pint50 pint60 pint70 pint
Very damp and humid environment
Feeling wet and with a strong musty environment
70 to 85% humidity
40 pint50 pint60 pint70 pint90 pint
Extreme humid/ Wet environment
Prone to mold growth and with 85 to 100% humidity
40-45 pint50-60 pint60-70 pint70 pint90+ pint

While most of the dehumidifier are more or less the same. Selecting the right dehumidifier for commercial use is much more difficult than the consumer level.
Moisture or some odor can be removed by the commercial dehumidifier and the removal rate can be everon faster. The desiccant commercial dehumidifier are normally not purchased since they have a much larger cost and expenses.
Most the time they are being leased and rented to the office for use. A clean commercial dehumidifier is extremely expensive and can rank to USD10k.

However, this is in fact critical because no one wants to enter into an office that is full of wet humid environment.

Who need a commercial dehumidifier at home

If you plan to make use of a dehumidifier to suck up all the humid environment at your living home or at basement. Then the use of a consumer grade level of dehumidifier may only be able to assist you to handle part of the humid environment. With the use of the commercial dehumidifier. You can reduce immediately one use of space for dehumidifier.
In common sense consideration, a 70 pint will LE you remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day and a 50 pints can remove at a speed of 50 pints moisture per day. The fact is that for the use of the commercial dehumidifier, you can remove it much quicker than the others.

The 120 pint commercial dehumidifier can let you remove it up to 120 pints and the good part is that it can handle all of the water moisture in removing it much faster.

The moisture removal rate

Why is it true that the moisture removal rate is faster for commercial dehumidifier than the consumer dehumidifier? Because the moisture removal rate is in fact not directly proportional to the pint level as considered by the consumer level.
The commercial dehumidifier uses a much better fan seed and the removal of the moisture will generate at a much greater rate at the environments in the higher temperature and also the higher the humidity level over the lower temperature. There is a 70 pint dehumidifier on maximum level settings will then will let you to handle a maximum of removal of 70 pints moisture at 80 degree.
This is the same situation on the dehumidifier when it turned to the max settings and in converse, the increases in the temperature and also the humidity will slow increase the dehumidifier efficiency level.
We recommend the use of BlueDri BD-76p which is available at amazon for option. Do note that not all the dehumidifier in commercial world come with such high level of capabilities. So it is critical that you find one that shall really suits you.

Importance of portability

Commercial dehumidifier are all optimized for portability. Whilst most of the commercial dehumidifier are all renowned and operated at a strong restoration professionals and require you to move it easily and transport them form one job to the other. We do however, recommend you to choose the commercial units that is more stack-able. Allowing you to move the heavy duty handles and it can be transported to the next much easier. In the end, all commercial dehumidifier have. A very long 25 feet power cord. That means that it can be easily moved and used all the way. All the difficult areas will then be not easy for you to transport it.

Always go for the external drainage

By common sense, it is all well known that the humidity will get to be very uncomfortable and at around 60 to 70% of humidity level. So therefore the major goal to use the dehumidifier is to ensure the humidity level can reach at around 30-50% level. While maintains the dehumidifier drainage level is almost the utmost important thing you need to know. Because the uses of the external drainage will allow you to suck up the water moisture in the water tank fast enough that you do not need to stop the dehumidifier from working properly.

Auto start and off function

If you have a dehumidifier at home. With it without TH e ability to closes off the dehumidifier automatically or switches it on does not matter. Because the dehumidifier will not help you much on the uses of the drying on the atmospheric environment. The ability to uses the automatic start and off function on the commercial offices is very important. Not only it will allow you to switch it on and off easily. It will also allow you to ensure the offices it switches on with the dehumidifier to make a comfort environment for your colleagues.
We emphasis here the importance of getting the commercial dehumidifier that comes with the auto switch on alarm that can last for more than 48 hours. Why? Because most of the offices will one a day off during the weekend on Friday onwards. Now if you are not able to switch on the dehumidifier with the ability to save longer than 48 hours. Then you will not be able to have it turn on automatically itself. This will definitely help you to become the set and forget function and among all of the function and features mentioned in ere. This can be a deal breaker if it do not have this function instead.


While getting a commercial dehumidifier purpose is different from what you are getting for your home dehumidifier. The overall concept is more or less the same. Getting the dehumidifier that will suits your commercial office use.

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