​Danby Dehumidifier DDR70A2GP Review

​Danby Dehumidifier Review

When reviewing the Danby dehumidifier. We have conduced a detail review on this dehumidifier. There is a lot of pros and advantages in this dehumidifier. Mostly due to the rapid moisture removal rate in this size class.

If you are looking for a solution for highest energy efficiency. Then this dehumidifier will be the one that you are looking at. Comparing up to 9 other different dehumidifier. The Danby will gives you a significant energy efficiency advantage.
If you have a temperature display. This dehumidifier come with a separate LED temperature display. Providing you a clear and sharp figure for you to know what is the current dehumidify level and environment is.
However, if you are a person that doesn’t like the noise level created by the dehumidifier. Then this Danby dehumidifier might not be the most ideal solution for you. It is definitely not very quiet compare to the other option and in terms of pricing, it is not the most best value option.
However, all of these bad sides can be compensated by the other capabilities from it’s faster moisture removal rate and also the a very accurate in the hygrometer measurement. This can be very handy if you want to turn it on and want it to be functioned in a short period of time.
Please also make sure you know that this model has already stopped their update version. As the vendor have moved to the other proposal and management of the other products. However, it has a clear instruction manual and together with a nice 7 feet plastic drain hose which can save you a lot of cost in the management of the pipe.

Danby portability

 The Danby is definitely one of the lighter 70 pint units than we have ever tested. Weighting of around 43 lb. This can be quite heavy for women to use it and changes it to the location. While the fact that the larger capacity of the dehumidifier are tends to have a larger size. This will compensate the problem with the handles and also the dehumidifier for you to control it.

Danby handles

One of the reason why we love the Danby version is the nice side pocket handles for you to Hok on it. However there is no top extendable handle, meaning if you are intended to move it from a larger distance. Then this Danby dehumidifier will not be able to let you implement a nice top handle on it. The side pocket handles will give you the quality parts and this proper implementation might not give you a well manufactured top extendable handle for you to use it in a high durability way compare to the lifetime of usage.

Danby cord storage

 The Danby do not come with any cord storage. It means when you move the unit from place to place. The power cord can be a problem to handle as you will causes the cable to be blocked. The dehumidifier cannot be easily moved from different location and thus the cord storage will not be able to handle the distance within.


 The Danby, with its brand name, Causes the dehumidifier a bit more expensive than the other option. The Danby quality will gives you a brand new understanding about what is a premium dehumidifier will look like.
For sure that this Danby dehumidifier will be less quiet that’s the Frigidaire and Keystone option. But definitely provide you a more superior moisture sucking power. Check out here for the latest discount offer for Danby dehumidifier in amazon.

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