​DeLonghi DD70PE Dehumidifier Review

Review ParametersRating out of 10
Value for money8
Noise level6
Room floor coverage9
Operational level on low temperature5
Water tank capacity7
Energy Rating7
Quality and warranty protection8
Weight, size and durance9
Continuous drainage option10
Portability of dehumidifier7
Control panel8
Overall rating7

​DeLonghi DD70PE Dehumidifier Review

Sometimes when we are looking for a dehumidifier. Not only its function but also the ability to look nice and fit into the home design is also critical. The DeLonghi is exactly the type of dehumidifier that are fitting into this stage of product.

This dehumidifier has the synonymous strong design and comes along with the household easy to use option for most of the member at your home.

Three different drainage option

DeLonghi does not only work in the dehumidifier field but also capable to handle many different water pint size. The DeLonghi dehumidifier is exactly the one that gives you all three different drainage option a day and depends on the size of your room and area of moisture you need to handle. The dehumidifier can handle all sort of water moisture size based on your need.

The DeLonghi is well known for its fancy design in their products. Come with a cool layer of white layer and putting all of their control panel at the top area of the dehumidifier. You can easily store and run the water inside the tank without and problem.

Higher custom modes and LCD Panel

One of the things that we liked the most during our review is its ability to come handle the control of the dehumidifier even under an extreme environment. The dehumidifier will gives you a very strong right, and easy to read PCD panel for all sort of electronic controls. Allowing you to navigate between all the settings. On the layer of the screen you can find that the humidity level inside your settings can be changed and a smooth well designed button can be last for long.

When considering the LCD panel. We often worry that the dehumidifier cannot sustain a longer period of time for the LCD button. Not only because the button is and will be exposed to the surface of the room. But also that the dehumidifier can be easily attract the air water moisture and causes the LCD panel to create mold and moisture near the button as well. As a result, the dehumidifier will be easily get wet and causing the LCD button to malfunction easily.

DeLonghi comes with thre different type of default fan speed. While knowing that some users might want to have their own operating model. It also comes with the ability for your to switch the dehumidifier fan speed and air moisture sucking power.

While it might seems it has a more custom operating power. The DeLonghi, during our review, is considered to be extremely easy to use. Which sacrifices a bit of its 100% custom operating changing ability. What it mean is that since it comes with the automatic defrost function and also the automatic detect function for the humidity level. The dehumidifier will switches off when it sees there is no more air moisture for it to suck-in.

While all these functions mentioned above can be presets or customized in some dehumidifier. In DeLonghi, it is friendly designed so that you do not require to spend any time in all these function. It will just automatically on and off itself.

Last but not least. Not everyone will remember to switch off the light when they get our of the room. Let alone a dehumidifier. Especially an extremely quiet one. The DeLonghi, in all their water tank level, when detects that the water tank level has already reached to almost its maximum level. Will be turned off itself automatically. This can prevent you the least things that you want to happen.- Cleaning a very wet floor.

If you are looking for more detailed information about the DeLonghi and also the highly rated user review. Take a look here at the amazon and check for the details. Remember you can keep the discounted price but adding the product into chart while you are still considering which one is the best dehumidifier for you.

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