​Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM dehumidifier review

​Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM Reviews

The simple and straight design of premium dehumidifier and that designed to Eli mate all the excess moisture you will face in the closets and bathrooms.

For your simple review, we have outlined below their pros and cons aspect herein:


  • The advanced humidity patrol allow you to extracts the moisture directly from the air for a comfortable breathing.
  • It has a whispering ability for the quiet operation in order to perfect the quiet settings such as the nursery or the office
  • The ability for automatic shut off safety function features ill gives you the time for turning the units off when the water tank in the dehumidifier is about to be full or going to prevent overheating
  • The pure enrichment is a Swiss compact design and have a sleek looking that will let you bends well in all of the decor
  • Extremely easy to use. It has a one button pressing features Once pressed, it will operate so simple that you can do it even in the dark without any problem


  • Slow sucking ability. The dehumidifier sucking ability is relatively lower since the size of the dehumidifier is much lower
  • Can only handle around 200 square feet size of room
  • The water tank area can only sustain around 5 hours of dehumidifier ability
  • Cannot plug in external pipe for dehumidifier to function

There is a delivery guarantees and can ensure a certain fast delivery speeds and select products.

This dehumidifier is definitely a good purchase and this is so small that you do not have to waste time to find out the space for it. It is completely very easy to to remote and portable function It does not weigh much and it can be used in all the room including dining room and family on in the basement.

During our review, we have put it in the house for such usage and it can be rather damp for the mold growth. We are happy to recommend this products and during our review, it does not create any noise and will not other you during the function of the dehumidifier. Extremely easy to operate and you can plug it in and turn it on anytime for you to use the water container out of the base and pour the water out easily.

During our test we measured, close to 50% of the humidity has been reduced and in average around 68% to 72% on average to let you dump the water for every other day.

However, this dehumidifier is completely made in a plastic damp rid and its tub sitting in the bathroom can be operated easily. It has a equally despise for the moisture and germ removable. The Pure Enrichment Deluxe mini dehumidifier do not need to be places in any of the corner and the stylish design will gives you the ability to holds all the problem. Visualize yourself the high effectiveness of using the dehumidifier and giving you a clean and smooth non-moisture home.

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