​Whynter RPD-501WP Review Energy Star

​Whynter RPD-501WP Energy Star Review

Come with an extremely high customer feedback and review in amazon. The Whynter dehumidifier is also ranked the most energy efficient in it’s size class.

The Whynter dehumidifier comes with two pint size. Namely 50 and 70 pints.
While keep in mind that this dehumidifier has the best function on it’s auto restarting ability.
Here’s the key functions of Pros for Whynter dehumidifier:
Detailed user manual and online trouble shooting steps Come with the automatic restarting and auto shutoff functions.
Able to adjust the humidity level at range of 35-85% relative humidity. Run extremely quiet under normal operating noise level at below 58.5 dBA
The Whynter energy start 50 Pint portable dehumidifier also allow outstanding capability for you to remove 50 pint of moisture from the air ready. Allowing you create a very efficient and powerful companion for your home or all the workplace to deal with the high level of humidity.
If you are looking for drainage option in external pipe and tired of removing the water level yourself. Then this portable dehumidifier can allow you to operate with 3 drainage options in:
– Manual drain
– Gravity drain
– Condensate pump drain
Providing you a condensation of water including the 16.5′ drain for a smooth continuous water removal of 15′ of vertical lift.
Strong and comprehensive specification for Whynter:
– Dual fan speeds allowing you to speed up the dehumidifying process
– Come with a 2 in 1 silver coated washable pre-filter combo
– Able to handles all the movement easily with the caster wheels
You can purchase a separate pump for you to pump into the sink for drainage. This allow you for continuous operation for 3 drainage options and the unit blast out of hot air and raise the temperature of the room. If you have this concern, then this Whynter will gives you the ability to pull the moisture from the air so that you do not need to deal with the humidity problem.
The fan will run continuously even after you have set the automatic humidity level detection. While remember that this can be a problem because the dual fan running will not stop even after you have turn off the dehumidifier unless you have turn off the power.
The only problem with this dehumidifier is that it will generate a rather strong amount of heat when the dehumidifier runs. If you are running it in a hot atmosphere environment. Then this can be a problem.

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