Aidodo Mid-Size Dehumidifier vs. hOme 70-Pint Dehumidifier


If you want to make sure that bacterial invasion, allergies and respiratory difficulties are not the kind of things you have to face when the weather strikes, it is a dehumidifier which would offer you the perfect solution. With the help of a dehumidifier, you can make sure that the moisture and humidity levels in your house do not grow uncomfortable for you.

There is no dearth of options that you will have to face when it comes to a dehumidifier. Plenty of brands have launched their own models, and it is up to you to decide which one will fulfill your requirement. Let us provide you with a brief insight into two of the options that you will come across, which are the Aidodo Mid-Size Dehumidifier and the hOme 70-Pint Dehumidifier.

Aidodo Mid-Size Dehumidifier

This portable dehumidifier would make sure that there are no distractions for you as it makes use of the quiet Peltier technology. Thus, no sounds are produced when the unit is running. It is equipped with 52 ounces of water reservoir, which makes sure that you do not have to go through the trouble of emptying the reservoir every so often. Using it is quite easy and you would not need to acquire any outside assistance for the same. The unit would shut off automatically when the water tank is full which would alert you that the time has come to empty it.


  • Does not produce any noise
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • Equipped with sufficient size of water tank to make things convenient


  • The auto shut off does not function when you’ve reached a designated humidity setting
  • Suitable for very small rooms
  • A bit expensive

hOme 70-Pint Dehumidifier

This is another option that you would not regret getting your hands on. This is one of those options that can be used for large rooms, thereby ensuring that you do not have to face any issues if you even need to adjust the humidity levels for your basement. It can be used for 24-hour cycles with a lot of ease and is equipped with adjustable humidity level settings to make things feasible. It also proves to be effective in reducing odor and bacteria, thereby making it certain that you do not have to face any respiratory difficulties. It is also provided with a turbo mode for effective odor reduction and moisture removal at a rapid pace. Measures have also been taken to make sure that you are provided with optimal safety.


  • Reduces odor which makes the environment all the more comfortable
  • Easy to handle with built-in wheels provided to make sure that transport is not an issue
  • Removable water tank present


  • It tends to make a bit of sound while functioning
  • It is large in size and thus, adequate space is required for placement
  • It creates heat

Final Words

There is no denying that both units have features that put up compelling case in their favors. Both cater to different requirements. If you want the dehumidifier to cover a large area such as a basement, it is the hOme 70-Pint Dehumidifier which would fulfill your needs with efficiency. However, if you want a dehumidifier for a small space like your bedroom and do not like the idea of the unit producing any sort of distraction, you would be better off with the Aidodo Mid-Size Dehumidifier.

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