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To ensure which dehumidifier has the most suitable energy efficiency. We have make use of a condition checking on each of the dehumidifier that we uses to test.

As stated previously earlier, the type of dehumidifier water tank will affect the water moisture removal speed. And hence, it will also affects the energy efficiency.
We have make use of the same 70 pint of water tank size and all of them has been tested for a period of 3 hours. With the same room size and also on the same week for testing to ensure the environmental affect to the environment is deemed to be lowest.
The reason why the energy efficiency is so critical that it worth for us to make use of a whole full article to review this function was because it can save you a tremendous amount of electricity cost. While not all type of electricity products will uses different amount of electricity. The dehumidifier which relies on the condenses of water moisture vapor will make a huge different.
While some dehumidifier has the auto water moisture vapor detecting function. It will let you detect the moisture amount and the time you need to remove the water moisture amount. Since this can be recognized as an auto water vapor amount. It will work harder and drive even more water moisture vapor when it detects the environment involves a lot of water moisture.
We have summarized the amount of power usage and also categorize it into a rating of 100 for energy efficiency. The higher the figure represent it can save more energy.
Model and BrandEnergy Efficiency
(Higher the better)
Cost per watt (USD)
Frigidaire 680.13
Frigidaire 480.42
Ivation 660.23
EdgeStar 500.14
Whynter 740.52
Pictek 350.72
PureGuardian 840.23
Eurgeen 380.52
AlorAir 960.23
Thermastor 640.34
Drieaz 870.54
While we figure that the different type of dehumidifier has a different type of fan speed. high in turn, will leave you with also different amount of time it required. But in the end, the most critical problem we need to consider is. Will the higher the fan speed to clear up the air moisture for the humid environment cost or save more energy than the one that uses the lower fan speed but longer time to clear up all the humidity moisture?
When taking into account that the water moisture removal rate is also an important factor in dehumidifier energy efficiency. We inured that the dehumidifier moisture removal rate is in fact also affected by the power draw as well.
In order to quantify the cost we need for the dehumidifier to remove the capacity of the water moisture. We have to make a fair comparison. The fact that the amount of time required for the removal of moisture if different, but also the kilo-watt of power is also different. Thus the ultimate cost will also be different as well.
As you can see from the power draw in watts and also the time required is also different.
As you can see from the illustration above. The fact that the 70 pint is really more energy efficient. Reasons are mainly because the cost is definitely much lower than the 30 and 50 pint.
In all, there is a common misconception regarding the use of dehumidifier in selection. Very often, we have forgotten to consider the moisture removal rate in selecting dehumidifier. We might have not realize that the dehumidifier are in fact only important regarding the water moisture and water tank size. While there is no such on-the-par comparison regrading moisture removal rate. We have summarize the cost and also the fan speed into the consider for your quick reference.

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