Costway Portable Energy Star Dehumidifier with Humidity Control Timer

Costway Portable Energy Star Dehumidifier is here for those who want to keep their basement or the large room free from humidity in the air.

The Best Features of Costway Portable Energy Star Dehumidifier

  • Easy to Operate: It has a bucket-full indicator light and a large, front bucket with a handle which helps to empty the unit fast and easy. Moreover, when the bucket is full, the bucket-full light blinks and automatically the dehumidifier stops. This product includes a drain connector by which you can easily attach an about 11.5mm hose to drain the unit into a floor drain.
  • Electronic Control: This product is best for use in a large room or in a basement. It is an electric Dehumidifier machine with a digital display, 3 fan speeds, and a 12-hour This brand new and high-quality product has a concise and explicit control panel which makes it easy to operate and monitor.
  • Compact and Portable: This Dehumidifier is powerful but the weight of this product is not so heavy. Total compact design and the portable unit make it easier for moving from one room to another. The four smooth-rolling caster wheels and convenient side handles make this dehumidifier portable.
  • Detachable Water Tank: 8L large detachable water tank make it flexible for easy disposal of collected water. This Dehumidifier can keep comfortable air by removing moisture a day during humid months. A good choice for daily life
  • User-Friendly: This 30-Pint dehumidifier is a good choice for daily use as it has 3 fan speeds which are high, mid and low.
  • Easy-To-Clean Washable Air Filter: It has a removable easy to clean washable air dust filter with a clean filter alert. If you want to stay healthy and breathe fresh air then you must go for this product which reduces bacteria. It helps to prevent dust, mold, allergens, and mildew for healthy air.
  • Adjustable Humidity and Prevent Dust: If you use this dehumidifier in your home then humidity level can go from 35% to 80% and with the help of humidity control timer you can set the time from 1 to 12 hour. Moreover, it really helps to keep fresh and comfortable air by pulling 30-Pints moisture in a day during humid months.

Negative Points for Costway Portable Energy Star Dehumidifier

  • The hose does not come with the unit; you have to order it separately. But I think that it’s better to dump the bucket since it is more convenient.
  • The washable air filter needs to be washed frequently for long lasting. If you don’t wash it properly then the dust particles content inside the filter and make the working power of removing moisture a bit slow.

Final Words

This dehumidifier has excellent features with an affordable price of $159.99. The latest technology is used for this product. It is the perfect product for daily use. The safe humidity control timer and washable air filter make it special from another dehumidifier. If you are looking for a portable dehumidifier, this is the perfect product for you as it can easily move from one room to another. Moreover, this 30-Pint dehumidifier can be fitted anywhere, whether in a basement or in a large room. Another advantage of this product is, it is very powerful with the lightweight compact design. Though it does not have a hose, you can directly dump the bucket as it is easier.

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