EECOO Lightweight Portable Dehumidifier vs. InvisiPure HydroWave Dehumidifier

EECOO  Lightweight Portable Dehumidifier

“Big Room’s Little Silent Worker”


EECOO’s Lightweight  Portable Dehumidifier is equipped with a large air inlet which enables it to easily gather air so that it can efficiently do its dehumidifying process faster.

It has a 700ml water tank to collect water condense.  At approximately 86deg F and 80% humidity, this dehumidifier can collect 300 ml of condense in a day.  When the water tank is full, the LED light turns yellow and the machine automatically shuts off.  When this happens, you can just easily detach the water tank so you can dispose of the condense and replace the tank to run the equipment again.

This dehumidifier uses the Peltier technology so that there is no compressor that makes noise when the equipment is running.  Thus, you can still study, work or sleep and not be disturbed by the noise of the dehumidifier.


  • low electrical consumption
  • Minimal noise
  • can cover wide area
  • easy operation


  • Need for frequent manual draining
  • No option for continuous draining

InvisiPure HydroWave Dehumidifier

“The Compact Worker”


The InvisiPure HydroWave Dehumifier is built compact so that you can easily move it from room to room.  It helps take away the dampness in the room so that molds, mildew and bacteria growth is prevented.

The equipment has a 2-liter tank for its condense.  It removes about 27 oz. (approx. 798 ml) of water from the air  at approximately 86deg F and 80% humidity.  The equipment has the capacity for a hose to be attached to it to allow for continuous draining.

As the tank fills up at a rate of almost 800ml a day, the tank should be emptied at least every other day to ensure continuous operation.  The equipment automatically shuts off when the tank is full.  However, an alternative to have the equipment running without necessarily emptying it every now and then is by attaching a 0.25 hose to the dehumidifier.  This ensures that the equipment can continually take in moisture from the air as needed.


  • Can collect as much as 800ml of moisture within the day
  • Minimal noise
  • Option for continuous draining


  • Higher power consumption
  • May be used effectively only up to medium sized rooms
  • You have to buy a hose to take advantage of continuous draining

Features Comparison

The following table will show you the differences between the features of EECOO and InvisiPure Dehumidifiers:

Features EECOO InvisiPure
Air Inlet Large air inlet on top of the equipment; takes advantage of gravitational pull making it easier for equipment to take in air Air inlet located at the sides and is small relative to the equipment’s size
Tank Capacity vs. absorption Tank capacity 700 ml; daily absorption-300 ml Tank capacity 2L; daily absorption-800 ml
Weight 2.11 lbs. 5.7 lbs.
Output Power 23 watts 100 watts
Condense draining Equipment shuts off when tank is full; Tank should be taken out to throw away moisture collected Equipment automatically shuts off when tank is full; option to put a hose for continuous draining
Coverage Area Can cover an area up to 215 sq. ft. Can efficiently dehumidify only small to medium sized rooms
Additional Features Automatic defrosting

Both EECOO and InvisiPure Dehumidifiers use the Peltier technology (no compressor) so that both equipment runs with very little noise and would not disturb work, sleep or study.

Both have the ability to remove damp moisture around the house, which prevents the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

Which Dehumidifier is Better?

Based on the foregoing comparison of features, we can say that the EECOO Dehumidifier is more superior in terms of features.  It uses less power but has the capacity to accumulate moisture as well as the bigger InvisiPure Dehumidifier.  It can be moved easily from one room to the other and can dehumidify a bigger area.  Its defrosting mechanism ensures that coils would not retain ice causing spills inside the equipment.

The only disadvantage when choosing the EECOO dehumidifier is the manual draining that you have to do with the condense once the tank is full.  Otherwise, you are more ahead choosing the EECOO.

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