How much does a pint mean in dehumidifier selection

How many exactly is a Pint

There’s various amount presented in web shopping site for example in amazon.
Very often, they uses the measurement of a pint. So how much exactly is a pint? A pint, generally speaking, for easier understanding is half pint. This is the size where you have a half pint of beer. You can refer to this picture and have a better understanding a gut feeling on what does half pint means in size.
Pint is often used in terms of a volume for capacity in the United States custom. Normally, a pint is around 568 ml and for UK a pint is around 473 ml. So this is rather difficult to say in one sentence how many exactly is a pint. But for water tank arrangement. We usually uses the US liquid pint of 473 ml. Whereas in many modern world countries. We uses the beer stein of 500ml for easier understanding.

UK and US pint size

So why all the trouble? Why US and UK just love to have different size measurements.
UK and US pint differences when the British and Irish during the metrication processes. The pint size leverages was back in the history of old days. Generally because UK and US have different size in their hussars and in terms causes the pint weigh differ.
The Canada, in terms of the gallon will also differ in the wine gallon of their Canadian Confederation. The pint difference because the quantity of milk in the container is also different and in term, made the food writers to conceive different receipts in metric units.

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