Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier vs KEDSUM FCC Approved Portable Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid Size Thermo Electric Dehumidifier

“Powerful Dehumidifier for Mid Sized Rooms”

This dehumidifier works best for rooms at maximum space of 2200 cu m. For bigger rooms, it is advisable to get a bigger capacity dehumidifier to prevent over-heating of your equipment.

For mid-sized rooms, this dehumidifier can take out 20 oz. of condense per day.  At this rate, you would have to empty your equipment at least  once every 10 days.  Thus it becomes less of a hassle lest you forget and the tank fills up.

Because  the equipment uses the Peltier technology. there are less moving parts  so that it is energy efficient. It is also because of this that sound during operation is minimized so that you can have this running  while you are at work or while the baby  is asleep.

This model of the dehumidifier is not to be confused as a watered down version of the Ivation as this compact equipment is able to squeeze in moisture up to 20 oz. At 86deg. F  and relative humidity of 80%.


  • Has a 2-liter water tank which enable draining only every once in a while
  • The equipment uses the Peltier technology so that sound dues not disturb work or sleep
  • Can accumulate as much as 20 oz. of condense in a day for a room of 2,200 cu m.


  • Has the tendency to overheat and thus melt the power cord
  • Long time to take out water might result in equipment not being drained in time

KEDSUM FCC Approved Portable Dehumidifier with 50oz Water Tank, 17oz/day Dehumidification

“Safe and Sound”
This dehumidifier is  FCC and CE safety approved to ensure safe use.  It also is so compact so that you can  move it from room to room without  any hassle.  This dehumidifier works best in small closed places as attics, boats, small office rooms and bedrooms. The equipment would work best In very humid rooms like boats and attics.  One can immediately feel the difference once the equipment is turned on:  the musty smell goes out instantly!


  • Produces white sound as it uses the Peltier technology (no compressor)
  • FCC and EC approved so you are assured of safe use
  • Compact and portable so you can easily move equipment where it is needed
  • Water tank easily slides out so draining is easy
  • Equipment automatically shuts off when water tank is full so there is no problem of spilling


  • Small water tank necessitates draining more often
  • Small tank capacity results to draining more often; no option for continuous draining

Features Comparison:

Features Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid Size Thermo Electric Dehumidifier Kedsum FCC Approved Portable Dehumidifier with 50oz Water Tank
Safety Continuous use leads to over Heating of power cord. FCC and EC approved for safe us
Absorption 20 oz of condense per day 17 oz of condense per day
Coverage 2200 cu ft can effectively dehumidfy  small closed rooms
Automatic shut off Yes but has bigger tank Yes but tank is small and needs to be drained often


So which is the better equipment?

The safety factor would be hard to ignore as dehumidifiers are supposedly left running even though unattended.  Because of this, the Kedsum Dehumidifier gets the upper hand because of the safety factor while in use.  Both dehumidifiers take away moisture at almost the same rate, shuts off when tank is full. and operates with very little noise.

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