Portable Dehumidifier, CRAZO 500ml Ultra-quiet Mini Room dehumidifier

Review ParametersRating out of 10
Value for money6
Noise level10
Room floor coverage7
Operational level on low temperature6
Water tank capacity8
Energy Rating7
Quality and warranty protection8
Weight, size and durance9
Continuous drainage option10
Portability of dehumidifier7
Control panel7
Overall rating7.1

Portable dehumidifier review – The Crazo 500ml

​The nice well green fancy design portable dehumidifier is the type of dehumidifier that is equipped with a removable water tank of 500ml capacity. It can extract the moisture at a very high rate. In this review, we will summarizes some of the pro and cons for your easy reference:


High humidification capacity. This dehumidifier, during our review. Although come with a very small size. It is equipped with a removable water tank of around 500 ml capacity and it can extract the moisture very quickly. Although written and mentioned in the specification in amazon here. That it can support up to the room size of 215 square feet. However, we insider that it is at best to handle at around 180 square feet only. This environment with over 45% of humidity and can handle the water moisture quickly without any problem
Strong and on time automatic power off. Designed for the modern users that often and easily forgot to shuts off the dehumidifier when you are not at home. It has the auto shut off function when it reaches its water capacity for your indicator light to turns it to red. So that you can remind yourself when the dehumidifier is completely tank out.

Patented design with compressor and fan. It has a compressor and a small fan that can stop working automatically when the water tank is taken out. Therefore, unlike other dehumidifier, you need to stop the dehumidifier from working before removing the water tank. This one will automatically power it off.

A pack of accessories. It has a package box and also a detailed life user manual for customer service.


Although it states that it can be very quiet. However, we figure that the noise level can be lower than at around 45 db only. Therefore you do not need to worry about the annoying sound created by the dehumidifier. It is perfect for your usage while you are sleeping at home.
The dehumidifier power is not as strong at it states and can at most handle at around level of 180 square feet only. Therefore, you might need to consider changing to a bigger and larger dehumidifier if you think you have a large room to handle with.

The fan can get a bit noisy if you ran it for over 40 hours non stop. We recommend you to stop it for a while when you are not at home to prevent the dehumidifier to overheat itself.

Overall, we think that this dehumidifier is very good in looking and perfect for a fancy design home. You can see that it can handle the condensation in all of your corners and even for the cover of mold. It is well recommended for other dehumidifier to alleviate some of the issues that you current.

As you can see that in many of the users feedback. This dehumidifier is the one that able to provide you a safer at your bank and also can move it to different location or room. Removing the moisture at your home with this portable dehumidifier without any issues and we recommend this product to anyone who need to breath air and not water. Check out more fancy photos and internal real photos here at amazon.

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