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Quiet Dehumidifier Review

Importance of a quiet dehumidifier

The reason why we get a dehumidifier is to provide a better living environment for your family. The use of a dehumidifier prevents the mold to build up and to reduce the water moisture. Leaving us a dry and comfortable living environment. The least thing we want to happen is to sacrifice the living standard and the feelings of a good sleeping quality due to the noisy noise from the dehumidifier.

If you have read the technical review regarding the concept behind the dehumidifier. Then you will aware that the dehumidifier noise was due to the fact that the dehumidifier reduce the air moisture by sucking the air in. It work in a vice versa way opposite to the fan. One thing in common is that they both generate air either in or out. Thus it will causes the noisy fan speed and an unpleasant environment. As a result the higher the fan speed and the faster the moisture you want it to be removed. The more the noise it will create.

Not to sacrifice the quiet environment

Luckily, during the advancement of technology. The fan speed and also the sucking power is improved by the design of the fan blades. While ii can gives a quiet environment to your room during your sleep. But it can still provides the sufficient amount of sucking power. However, the design of the blades are of patented technology. With the testing of the ventilation port and also the design of the sucking window will differ a lot in their sucking power and also the noise level. As such, not all dehumidifier are born the same. We recommend selecting and understanding what is the capacity you required before purchasing. If you are not sure what is the capacity you are required. You can read this dehumidifier size guide.

We have purchased all sort of the dehumidifier and made the noise checking level for your easy reference. Putting the noise detector in a distance of 5 meters and during on the an speed into different level to test he noise level. You can refer to our below chart for easy reference. In all, we have rated 0 to 100 for the noise level. With level 100 being the most noisy dehumidifier. Please note that we have originally checking the noise level using the dB measurement, but since not everyone is familiar with the dB measurement. We have made it into a 0 to 100 scale for better and easier understanding.

ImageBrand and ModelLow Fan SpeedMiddle Fan SpeedHigh Fan Speed
Frigidaire FFAD7033R1566491
Ivation IVADM15506789
Wohome Portable Dehumidifier407586
Cosylife Dehumidifier517081
Whynter RPD-311DW467498
EdgeStar 50 Pint547786
Mophorn Dehumidifier476583
Happybuy Dehumidifier537992
OrangeA Dehumidifier526095
Fral FDK54427794
Drieaz F515 PHD 200567796
Keystone 95 Pt. Dehumidifier587492
PROWARM Portable Dehumidifier416085

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