The Bad Dehumidifier Not To Buy

​While we have tested so many different type of dehumidifier in the market. Purchase them and testing it with our hired professional. We decided to make a list of dehumidifier that you must not buy no matter the price and function it provides.


While considering this part is not easy. We have put the most important things into consideration – The safety of the use of the dehumidifier.


Very often, when the dehumidifier is used in a long run, it can become very hot. This is normal as per our review in power voltage here. You can see that for electric equipment that usually comes with the usage of a lot of power and heat due tot he condensation of the water moisture. It can easily create a lot of heat during the process.


There is a record of almost 40 cases of dehumidifier that burn out at home and causes a lot of casualties. For that, we highly recommend you to purchase the dehumidifier that has the ability to shut it off for the dehumidifier to work property.


The Brand, Midea is very famous in electronic devices and also home apparatus. Has been recalled for series of serious fire and burn out.
You can check in the full list of brand name that has been recalled before on their specific model. While as of today, the dehumidifiers recall process is already well conducted and there is no more concern on that. But judging from the experience, we recommend not to purchase a dehumidifier that has a very low power to efficiency level. Because normal that is the reason why the dehumidifier will burn out easily.

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