Introduction – What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is an apparatus found in many households that helps in reducing the humidity of the air inside. It thus produces a healthy environment for the residents and also ensures that the interiors of the house are comfortable enough. Not only in the households, but dehumidifiers also find usage in other places such as indoor ice rinks and various commercial buildings.

Why you need a dehumidifier for sale

A dehumidifier can offer various benefits and here are a few of them:

First of all, it helps you to stay healthy by preventing allergies. Allergies are common even in places of dry climatic conditions that have humidity built up in confined spaces such as bathroom and kitchen, leading to the development of allergens like dust, mites and mildew. A dehumidifier helps in drying the air and thus eradicates the root cause of the allergies. It thus helps you to keep health issues such as stuffy nose, sneezing, breathing problems and skin rashes at bay.

A dehumidifier also helps you in other ways apart from keeping you healthy. Your clothes will dry quicker, curtains and bed sheets will be free of molds and stuff made of iron or its alloys will not rust easily. Another way it helps you is by removing the foul odor that may be present. The furniture will also remain unharmed.

In short, you will get a better and fresher place to dwell in! Not only this much, it will also reduce your efforts in cleaning the house since dust accumulation will be reduced to a large extent. Moreover, food items like bread and cereals will remain edible for a longer duration and electronic equipment will function properly and the problems commonly experienced with these items in humid weather would be easily avoidable.

Lastly, a dehumidifier will also help in an easier functioning of your air-conditioner. This is because if the air inside is too humid, the air-conditioner would have to work more in order to remove the same and make the air cooler.

Things to consider when getting a dehumidifier

There are a number of things that you need to consider while getting a dehumidifier for sale and they are listed as follows:

  • Amount of Space: The amount of space you need to be dehumidified is an important factor to consider. Dehumidifiers of varying efficiencies are available in the market and you need to pick the ideal one depending on your requirement. One with a lower efficiency will not be able to remove moisture from the air in a larger area. Using it would rather be a waste of energy and would add to your electric bill every month. Similarly, buying a more expensive one with greater efficiency than required would be a waste of your money.
  • Temperature Levels: Not all dehumidifiers are meant for all temperature ranges. Some will work fine in the coldest of temperatures while others might freeze in such cooler areas. So before buying have a good knowledge about the specifications of the dehumidifier and judge whether it will be suitable for the place where you intend to install it.
  • Arrangements for Water Collection: Another major aspect to look at is the collection of water from the dehumidifier. This is usually done with the help of a bucket. In certain cases you may be required to pump the water upward. In such cases you need to buy a condense pump attachment separately. So before you choose the model, make sure you can arrange for the associated requirements.
  • Special Features: Dehumidifiers often come with certain special features such as caster wheels or handles for easy mobility, digital controls, integrated timers, remote controls, and internal condensate pumps. Before buying you need to decide which all features you will require.
  • Quiet level: A dehumidifier is expected to work quietly, without disturbing peace and tranquillity. No one would prefer a noisy apparatus in their bedroom or study. So, before choosing a dehumidifier you need to ascertain that it is quiet in its operation.

Types of dehumidifiers:

Dehumidifiers can be classified into various categories depending on the task they perform:

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers are the ones that use desiccants for the purpose.

They can absorb the moisture even if the air is not cooled.

  • Whole house dehumidifiers are also available which are quite large in size and are capable of drying huge areas.

Then we have the portable dehumidifiers which are much smaller in size and can be fit in wherever required.

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Top 8 Recommended Humidifiers


Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

One of the biggest and largest dehumidifiers in the market, the Ivation 70 Pint Energy is capable of dehumidifying large areas of the room and with an efficient build to go with it; it is one of the best machines that we have come across. Removing 70 pints of moisture per day is no easy job, and to have it inside an efficient machine with a large and a powerful, yet efficient motor is something that we look up to. Having used it for quite a few days, it can be concluded that starting from allergies to moistures, it filters out the unhealthy air so that people can take in only fresh air. With an easy operation procedure and an LCD screen to go with it, almost anyone can use it to their advantage.


  • Extremely efficient, saving large amounts of power irrespective of use.
  • Simple LED Interface to monitor the exact working of the machine.
  • Easy maintenance with simple controls and set up controls.


  • Although the working area is extremely large when it comes to putrefying the air, but takes up large spaces to fit.


Whynter RPD-302W Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier

One of the most compact dehumidifier for sale in the market, the Whynter Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier is a must buy, given the application of this powerful machine. With 14.2 Liter capacity, this machine can dehumidify 30 pints of moisture per day is a brilliant fit for small houses. The portability of this machine adds to the versatility of it besides being extremely energy efficient. Loaded with useful features, this machine boasts the unique feature of automatically shutting itself off after the operation is complete or after a mentioned span of time. Also, the auto-restart button is useful especially when the house stays empty and no one to operate the machine. After a strenuous use of the machine for a few days, we have found that there is no frosting inside the house, thanks to the auto-defrosting featuring, which also maintains the relative humidity between 30%-90%, depending on the user preference.


  • Efficient motor with an equally powerful build.
  • Hosts some of the best features to automatically clear all the humidity of a room.
  • Can be easily ported from one place to another.


  • Not a tank-like build, hence unsuitable for large areas.


Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Another of those tank-like Dehumidifiers, the Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier is one of the easiest machines to get involved with. With a lot of varieties of dehumidifier for sale, this is one build that is extremely appealing to the eye and also thanks to its big and powerful motor; it is capable of dehumidifying 70 pints of moisture per day. With a sleek design without unnecessary complications and features, this machine is capable of eliminating bacteria from the air and makes it pure. Given the sort of pollution that we dwell in, this machine is a boon to that cause. There is a dedicated low temperature mode that lets the machine tone down its power and function much more efficiently, saving both energy and money. The fact that the modes can be changed is what makes this machine a desirable one. With control lock for unnecessary power consumption and a 24 hour timer, this machine can start and turn itself off even without the application of the users.


  • Simple design with attached rollers for easier portability.
  • Different modes to suit your needs.
  • 24 hour self-timer to let the machine function on its own.


  • Build quality can be improved, especially on automatic drip system.


Home 50 Pint Dehumidifier

This 50 pint Dehumidifier is absolutely suitable for medium or large sized houses, where cleaning the air becomes a major issue. Although it dehumidifies about 50 pint of moisture from the air per day, but the potential in it is far more than some of the dehumidifiers on sale in the market. Featuring continuous operation with a 24 hour timer, it boasts a powerful motor that goes well with the machine. The portability is another bon of the machine. Apart from removing odors from the air, it also cleanses the air of the bacteria and after we used for a few days, we found that it is energy efficient as well. Another important feature of this model is the new drain hose outlet which has been missing in most of the other dehumidifiers. Having a capacity of 6 liter, this machine can trusted upon to cleanse air and remove moisture from it.


  • Powerful motor with simple controls.
  • Drain hose outlet has been incorporated to make the machine function better.
  • 6 liter water tank to run continuously for 24 hours with a dedicated timer as well.


  • Emits a lot of heat and is not suitable for small rooms, since it will raise the temperature.


Pro Breeze PB-03-US Electric Mini Dehumidifier

This is one of the most compact machines when it comes to dehumidifiers. With simple, yet a powerful build-in core, it is capable of dehumidifying 2200 cubic feet of space. Being light-weight, which means that it can easily be ported from one place to another; the motor is extremely energy efficient too, which makes this machine one of the most perfect dehumidifiers for small homes. This is also, one of the first machines that do not require the application of any compressor, thanks to the Thermo-Electric Cooling technology, combined with the Peltier Technology. Automatically shutting itself off when the limit is reached, this machine can also be used to remove damp and purify the air and can be used in all the places of the house, courtesy to its built-in wheels.


  • Capable of removing up to 18 ounces of moisture per day.
  • Efficient motor that does not require the application of a compressor.
  • Can be used all over the house to remove dampness from walls.


  • Meant for small homes, the build quality needs to improve.


Premium Dehumidifier

Premium Dehumidifier is one of the cheapest dehumidifier for sale in the market. There are a lot of other cheap machines as well, but having tried those and compared to this, they are nearly not as decent as this one is. With a simple, yet an efficient design, this dehumidifier boasts advanced cleaning technology that soaks up all the moisture and cleanses the air in the room in a very short span of time. This machine is extremely quiet when it comes to the operation and is very useful in hospitals and offices where the serenity is needed. The machine will automatically turn of the system and the motor when the water level reaches the brim in order to prevent over heating of the surrounding temperature. The design is sleek and with the incorporation of a transparent water tank, it becomes easier for the user to monitor the entire process and the water level for a better and a more efficient functioning of the machine.


  • Simple, small design to fit anywhere.
  • Transparent water tank to monitor the level and the entire process.
  • Extremely quiet while operating.


  • Meant only for commercial places, build quality needs to improve a lot.


Kedsum FCC-Approved Portable Dehumidifier

The Kedsum Portable Dehumidifier is one of the few machines that have been approved by both the FFC and CE. Arguably, this is one of the safest when compared to other dehumidifier for sale in the market. Being a portable machine, this is ideal for small homes, and the different rooms in the home, be it the kitchen, bathroom or any other room. Being extremely light-weight and compact in its design, the machine can outperform most of the powerful machines in the market, thanks to a very powerful motor featuring the machine. The quiet sound of the operation is due to the Peltier Technology and the Thermo-Electric Cooling which not only makes it a decent machine to use in places where there is serenity needed, but can enable you to sleep well with its 24 hour timer, that automatically shuts off the machine, thus preventing overheating.


  • Highly efficient motor which does not require the application of a compressor.
  • Controls have been formulated and kept very simple foe one-touch use.
  • Can extract up to 17 ounces of moisture per day.


  • Not capable of fighting serious issue of mildew and dampness.


Black-Decker BDT30WTA 30 Pint Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier

Available in a range of different variations, the Black-Decker Energy Star Dehumidifier blends perfectly the build of a tank-like machine along with the simple working principle of the machine. Capable of extracting 30 pints of moisture per day, this machine has three dedicated fan modes (high, medium, low) that will enable you to choose between power and efficiency. Featuring a small LCD, the accurate measure of the humidity is displayed for the users, and having used it for quite some time, we feel that it helps the other users choose the mode of the fan very effectively. With an environment-friendly R410-A refrigerant equipped with it, auto de-frost is a breeze for this machine. Combine this with the auto-cut off technology to save more energy and you will get one of the best dehumidifier for sale for a decent price.


  • Features an LCD to monitor the humidity level accurately.
  • 3 fan modes for choosing between efficiency and power.
  • Extracts about 30 pint of moisture every day with maximum efficiency.


  • Pumping System operation needs to improve as well as the capacity of the machine.


Given all that is on offer for the top humidifiers on sale and having used all the listed products, it is fair to say the ‘Ivation 70 Pint Energy Start Dehumidifier’ is one of the best machines that you will ever come across. Blending all the necessary features along with other features to make the machine efficient, it will be one of the first preferences for most of the people, thanks to its sturdy build, powerful motor and the simple controls.

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