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VonHaus Compact Mini Portable Black Air Dehumidifier

VonHaus Compact Mini Portable Black Air Dehumidifier Review

​If you have a small room, bedroom or a closet. And the moisture environment will require you to take some action. While not to break the bank and to ensure a fancy apparatus at your home. Then the VonHaus compact mini portable black air dehumidifier available in Amazon will definitely be the option you are looking for.

For your simple and quick understanding:


  • Quick and effective way for the hygienic method to protect yourself from the mold growth and the odors to occur.
  • Saving your a lot of budget issues and can remove all the damp and moisture from the air.
  • Suitable for your use in the small room and allow you to move this dehumidifier to the wardrobes and cupboards
  • Indicator LED lights and automatic switch off
  • Inbuilt air inlet and a dry air outlet
  • Smooth portable design and rubber feet for enhanced stability


  • It cannot run at 12 volt, meaning that the power and speed of this dehumidifier will be slower than the fast and strong dehumidifier
  • The noise level is acceptable but we would not says its very quiet
  • No external drainage options
  • During our review, it can only last for around 3-4 hours depends on your living environment otherwise the water tank will be full.

During our review, at first this dehumidifier provides a smooth usage and the noise level is acceptable. However, if you use this for long enough to around 3 weeks. Then the noise level will be higher than before and would require you to spend more time on the arrangement for the clean up of the loud noise level.

This dehumidifier provide a darth Vader look though. And this can be something that gives you a smooth and fancy operations in the long run as a decoration at your home.

For this items, considering their small Zoe, colour and all the reviews stats here in amazon it shows that it is a rather quiet operations during the operation. And you can collect a few ounces of the water when it run overnight for a 80% humidity level of room. However, if you’re having a larger size of room and need to have a better and strong condensation for the handling of your windows. Then this might not be able to sustain your need in a long run.

In all, we would rate this dehumidifier the ideal solution for users that do not open the dehumidifier very often and would just want to have this thing on and run few times in a week.

Before you jump yourself into some large dehumidifier options. This can be an option for your to try what a dehumidifier is about. Do check out the more details and stats via the images link in the above for this dehumidifier details.

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